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Rencong is traditional weapons belonging to the people of Aceh which is a symbol of identity, courage and toughness parts of Aceh. Rencong is a traditional weapon which came into use at the time of the sultanate of Aceh, which since the reign of Sultan Ali Mughayat Shah (Sultan First Aceh). Rencong is always there and tuck dipinggan Sultan of Aceh, Ulee Balang and masyarakatpun using a dagger as a weapon of self-defense. Rencong worn by the Sultan and the other nobles, usually made of gold and ivory sheath. While rencong used by ordinary people are made of brass or white metal, while the sheath is made of wood or buffalo horn.

Tari Ranup Lampuan

Ranup Lampuan dance is one of the traditional Acehnese dances are danced by women. The dance is usually danced to honor and formally welcoming guests. Ranup in the Acehnese language is Sirih, while Puan namely betel place typical of Aceh. Ranup Lampuan can mean "Betel in Puan". This betel will be given to guests as a sign of respect for his arrival.

Tari Saman

Saman dance uses poetry in Arabic and Aceh or Gayo. In the past, Saman usually displayed to celebrate the event - an important event in the customs and the people of Aceh. Also usually dance is also displayed to celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad. In fact the name "Saman" is obtained from one of the great scholars of Aceh, Syech Saman

Tari Seudati

dance Seudati
Prior to the seudati, existing art as it was called retoih, or summons, then a new set syahadati name and abbreviated as seudati. Players Seudati consists of 8 players with 2 syahi role as a vocalist, one appointed sheikh, the group leader seudati. Seudati not accompanied by any musical instrument. Rhythm and tempo dance, rhythm and tempo are determined by the songs sung at the scene by the passage of the fingers and clapping of hands to his chest and pounding feet into the ground. Pat chest to vote as if there was something metallic materials in the chest or stomach dilengketkan so that when struck emit sound vibrate and echo.

Tari Tarek Pukat

Tarek Pukat Dance
Tarek describes the activities of the trawler fishermen who catch fish in the sea. Tarek meaning "Pull", and similar tools trawl nets are used to catch fish.